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Axiom® Medical provides excellence in pediatric and neonatal care, bringing you the smallest diameters in the industry without compromising flow. Through the use of special designs, materials, and exclusive coatings, only Axiom® offers an entire line of drains just for neonates, infants, and children for cardiovascular, thoracic, abdominal, renal, head and neck, orthopedic, and microsurgeries. Careful attention to detail in design has provided a line of products that are suited to the small surgical sites, delicate tissue, highly contoured planes, and heavily vascularized stroma present in the pediatric patient, minimizing tissue erosion. Children can avoid pain and discomfort during use and on removal.

Axiom® small closed wound drains are designed to provide the lowest possible profile for all your small patients. To reduce the thickness of drains and to prevent collapsing or kinking, the internal diameter is reinforced with struts. Our drains provide maximum drainage with a minimum wound site.

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