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  • Tapered, hubless design provides atraumatic insertion and removal
  • Offers the convenience of a closed wound drain or the superiority of a sump in one versatile drain
  • Proven in clinical studies to be twice as effective as present closed wound drains
  • Two lumens
  • Sump lumen is recessed from distal tip of the drain to prevent accidental invagination of tissues
  • Drainage lumen has interlocking longitudinal ridges to prevent collapsing or kinking
  • Two rows of perforated eyes on both sides of drain
  • Bacterial filter and attached cap with strap to prevent loss
  • When used as a sump, filtered air sweeps fluids rapidly through the drain without applying traumatic suction directly to tissues. Also, sump keeps area vented to prevent clogging or blocking of drain
  • When used as conventional closed wound drain, bacterial filter is simply capped and drain is attached to the reservoir. Direct suction adapter is provided to make conversion to sump drainage fast and simple
  • CLOT STOP® assures virtually clog-free drainage and easy, gentle removal. It also eliminates the need for "milking", and doesn't interact with the blood's clotting mechanisms


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Closed Wound Filtered Sump with Direct Suction Adapter




Sterile, 10/Box

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