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About Axiom Medical

Axiom® Medical, Inc., established in 1976, is a woman-owned and operated business. It manufactures and distributes an entire line of silicone extruded wound drains as well as precision extrusions for other industries. Axiom® Medical, Inc. has its headquarters in Torrance, CA, and distributes internationally as well as domestically. Recognizing the inherent problems associated with existing wound drainage technology, Axiom® Medical, Inc. became the first fully silicone medical device-manufacturer. Prior to 1976, wound drains were made of rubber which breaks down or PVC which is known for its danger of releasing leeching plasticizers into the body, its hardness causing pain and irritation, and its tendency to cause slippage inside the patient. With the introduction of Axiom® silicone wound drains, post-operative wound care became easier, safer and more effective for both the patient and the surgeon. Initially pursuing the cardiovascular market, Axiom® Medical, Inc. broadened its product line to include all varieties of drains suitable to this specialty area. It offered the first configuration of flat drains available for use adjacent to the heart, now an industry preference.

In 1983, the plastic surgery and pediatric markets were targeted with the addition of closed wound drains and silicone petite wound drains. Axiom® offers the most extensive line of drainage products including patented designs for these specialty areas.

Axiom® went on to introduce ClotStop® coating that increases lubricity and further reduces tissue irritation and vascular damage, as an industry exclusive. ClotStop® coating is held as an exclusive worldwide, placing Axiom® Medical, Inc. in a state-of-the-art position within the industry. Axiom® is a materials specialist in silicone molding and extrusion. Along with the manufacturing and distributing of silicone extruded wound drains, Axiom® Medical has created a reputation for precision and quality that has drawn the attention of customers (such as the military and aeronautical firms), requiring detailed extrusions maintaining tight specifications. Over the last few years, Axiom® has needed expansion to satisfy the increasing demands of both non-medical customers and other larger medical device companies.

Axiom Medical, Inc. has been certified as a Woman Business Enterprise and Woman-Owned Small Business as set forth in the National Women's Business Corporations' standards and procedures.

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A majority of Axiom®'s products are conceptualized by surgeons, with market tests being carried out by Axiom®'s consulting physicians.

Why Choose Axiom® Medical?
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