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ClotStop® Wound Drainage Solution

The Slick Solution to Wound Drainage

To increase both product performance and patient comfort, we developed the most exciting innovation in wound drainage today: bonding our exclusive lubricious coating ClotStop® to a slick surface.

ClotStop® assures virtually clog-free drainage and easy, gentle removal. That's because this hydrophilic, anti-thrombogenic coating creates an ultra-slick surface with superior clot-resistant qualities. ClotStop® encourages continuous, non-clogging flow and provides pain-free removal. ClotStop® is non-reactive with living tissue and is not an anticoagulant, so it doesn't affect the "clotting cascade.” ClotStop® is not related to heparin. It provides the benefits of heparin without the dangerss of anticoagulation. You can choose from a variety of ATRAUM™ drains with ClotStop® coating. Products coated with ClotStop® are called our ATRAUM™ (atraumatic) line and are identified by an "AT" following the product number.

The softness of silicone with the slickness of ClotStop®.
Only Axiom® offers both to give you the most advanced line of wound drainage products available. Place an order with us today!

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