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Surgical Accessories

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Axiom® manufactures a complete line of surgical accessories to complement our products.

Our surgical accessories include:

  • Clamp Sleeves: These silicone jaw clamp covers prevent damage to tissue, capillaries, and nerves. They have soft ridges for gripping and prevention of slipping, and are conveniently coded by size. Three sizes are available, in 3 different color options.
  • Direct Suction Adapter: This polypropylene product has non-cutting edges and is used with varied diameters of tubing to allow smooth, continuous flow of fluids. It has a cone-shaped configuration to allow for easy application to multiple diameters. It is a sterile product and 10 arrive per box.
  • Bifurcated Drain Extension: This polypropylene connector has smooth non-cutting edges and allows for hookup of 2 drains. It is used with a reservoir in closed wound drainage. This sterile product comes 5-to-a-box.
  • Dual-Site Connector: This sterile product allows for the hookup of 2 drains to a reservoir for sturdy leak-proof membranes. Ten arrive per box.
  • Lig-A-Boots®: This instrument is used to grasp and tag delicate sutures and prevents damaging them. It has a foam cartridge and adhesive backing allows for a secure position for loading. It is available in a multicolor pack or all white.
  • Lig-A-Loops®: These silicone tapes are used for retraction, occlusion, and identification, and come in 2 widths with a non-particulate holder. There are 2 loops per pack, and they come in different colors, 10-to-a-box.
  • Sump Filter
  • Sump Rings
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