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Silicone Tubing Material

Axiom®'s Specially Formulated Silicone Tubing Material

Axiom® manufactures products utilizing a wide variety of grades of material, from USP Class VI-grade, US food-grade, A-A-59588A, to commercial silicone rubber. Axiom®'s specially formulated materials produce an ultra-smooth surface, minimizing surface tension and maximizing flow performance.

Why Silicone is the Best Material for Tubing

Silicone offers a wide range of advantages to the medical device engineer, and silicones are widely regarded in the industry as the superior implant material.

The advantages of silicone include:

  • Chemical resistance: Silicones resist many chemicals, including some acids, oxidizing chemicals, ammonia, and isopropyl alcohol. Silicone rubber will swell when exposed to non-polar solvents, including benzene and toluene, but will return to its original shape when these solvents evaporate. Concentrated acids, alkalines, and solvents should not be used with silicones.
  • Compatible with human tissue and body fluids: Silicone material can be formulated and tested for full biocompatibility and has no additives that can leech out. Axiom® silicone tubing is odorless, tasteless, and does not support bacteria growth. They offer excellent thermostability and can be steam, ethylene oxide, or radiation sterilized.
  • Silicones can be formulated to have excellent flame- and smoke-resistant properties: Silicone has conductivity and self-lubricating properties. These tubes are also capable of maintaining physical properties under extreme temperature conditions, -80°F to 450°F.
  • Silicones exceed all comparable materials in their insulating properties: Silicones are non-conductive and maintain dielectric strength in temperature extremes far higher than those in which conventional insulating materials can perform.
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