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Mediastinal Silicone Drain

Product Information

Without CLOT STOP® With CLOT STOP® Description Eyes On Packaged
111075 111075AT Mediastinal Drain, 7mm Sides Sterile, 10/Box
111095 111095AT Mediastinal Drain, 9mm Sides Sterile, 10/Box
111115 111115AT Mediastinal Drain, 11mm Sides Sterile, 10/Box
111076 111076AT Mediastinal Drain, 7mm Top Sterile, 10/Box
111096 111096AT Mediastinal Drain, 9mm Top Sterile, 10/Box
111116 111116AT Mediastinal Drain, 11mm Top Sterile, 10/Box
111059 111059AT Mediastinal Drain, 5mm Top & Bottom Sterile, 10/Box
111079 111079AT Mediastinal Drain, 7mm Top & Bottom Sterile, 10/Box
111099 111099AT Mediastinal Drain, 9mm Top & Bottom Sterile, 10/Box
111119 111119AT Mediastinal Drain, 11mm Top & Bottom Sterile, 10/Box
111009 111009AT Mediastinal Drain, 9mm Top, Bottom &
Sterile, 10/Box

Product Details

  • Eliminates time-consuming, traumatic "milking"
  • Easy to place – and stays in place
  • Low profile minimizes cardiac displacement
  • Soft, pliable silicone assures contour-hugging placement
  • Large inner diameter and high flow-thru design optimizes drainage
  • STAB-PULL® end permits easy, atraumatic insertion
  • EYE-ZONE™ x-ray opaque line assures quick recognition of drainage area
  • Three eye patterns available (eyes on curved side surfaces, eyes on one flat surface, eyes on both flat surfaces)
  • Choose from four sizes, including pediatric
  • Available with or without CLOT STOP®, which assures virtually clog-free drainage and easy, gentle removal. It also does not interact with the blood's clotting mechanisms
Why Choose Axiom® Medical?
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