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Interpleural Anesthesia Catheter

Product Information

Without CLOT STOP® With CLOT STOP® Description Packaged
111418 111418AT 18FR - 2 lumens; 3 way stop-cock Sterile, 10/Box
112028 112028AT 28FR - 2 lumens; 3 way stop-cock Sterile, 10/Box

Product Details

  • Specifically designed with patient COMFORT and RECOVERY in mind, the Interpleural Anaesthesia Catheter is a preventative device that allows the clinician to introduce local anaesthetics into the wound site and proactively REDUCE THE PAIN that slows a patient's healing process
  • A large primary lumen that provides the same amount of drainage as a regular chest tube
  • A smaller lumen to allow the application of local an aesthetic or saline solution into the wound site to eliminate pain and assist in the recovery process
  • A three way stop-cock, normally kept in the "Off" position, allows the clinician to switch instantly from normal vacuum drainage to fluid application via two 'luer lock' ports without allowing air entry, thus being safe for use in the interpleural region
  • Capped tip, large drainage eyes, x-ray opaque line, and all the features and benefits you can exect from an Axiom® wound drain
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