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Petite® Wound Drainage System

Product Information

Without ClotStop® (uncoated) With ClotStop® Description Packaged
200 200AT Petite® Wound Drain, 11FR Sterile, 10/Box
200MAT Petite® Wound Drain, 11FR, Extended Length Sterile, 10/Box
201 201AT Petite® Wound Drain, 7FR Sterile, 10/Box
202 202AT Petite® Wound Drainage Kit, 11FR, 2 Tubes, Tube Holder, Drain, Suture Ring Sterile, 10/Box
203 203AT Petite® Wound Drainage Kit, 7FR, Special Size, 2 Tubes, Tube Holder, Drain, Suture Ring Sterile, 10/Box
203MAT Petite® Wound Drain, 7FR, Extended Length Sterile, 10/Box
204NS Collection Tubes, 5 pack of 10cc Sterile Internally, 5/Box
205NS Collection Tubes, 5 pack of 20cc (Special Order) Sterile Internally, 5/Box
206 Petite® Patient Tube with Holder Sterile, 5/Box
207 Dual-Site connector Sterile, 10/Box

Product Details

  • Ideal for active children because it attaches firmly and painlessly to the skin, reducing the chance of interrupted drainage function
  • Non-clogging silicone perfect for small drainage procedures
  • Integral trocar needle with tapered attachment to drain eliminates bulky hub
  • Completely perforated drainage bed with depth marker
  • Adaptable for use with grenade-type reservoirs
  • Available with or without ClotStop®, which assures virtually clog-free drainage and easy, gentle removal. It also eliminates the need for "milking", and doesn't interact with the blood's clotting mechanisms
  • One-piece construction is fast and easy to see
  • Uses economical blood collection tubes
  • Handy patient tube holder for easy placement and removal
  • Available in convenient, ready-to-use kit form (Petite® drain, 10cc collection tube and patient tube holder).
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